TMNT: Smash-Up - Mission Mode - Volume 1: Missions 1-10 -  

TMNT: Smash-Up - Mission Mode - Volume 1: Missions 1-10

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TMNT: Smash-Up - Mission Mode - Volume 1: Missions 1-10

This is a compilation of the first ten missions of the Mission Mode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up [Wii].
These missions are NOT speed playthroughs; these were all recorded and compiled for fun.
General tips will be noted below.

Mission tips:
~ 1: Leonardo's Pride
This is easy. Using Leo, just beat the crap outta your brothers one by one.
~ 2: Raging Stampede
In the background, a cardboard cutout of a buffalo appears. When it does, use Point to click on it to cause a stampede. Make sure they hit Karai; it doesn't matter if you get hit.
~ 3: Spin Round and Round
Your Foot Ninja opponents can only be damaged via Swing-By attacks. Two hits should do the trick. This mission can be annoying because your opponents move around a lot, but otherwise, it's not difficult.
~ 4: Throw Down the Foot Clan!
You have to beat up a Foot Ninja here using throws. He'll jump around a lot, but he's wide open after landing, so grab him then.
~ 5: Keep Sensei Safe
Karai and Foot Ninja will attempt to KO Splinter, so obviously you need to watch his back. KO'ing Karai or Foot Ninja will cause them to re-spawn. If Splinter is still alive when the timer runs out, you'll clear the mission.
~ 6: Copy Cats
As Raph, you'll have to fight three other Raphaels. This is actually easy, as long as you're at least somewhat familiar with Raphael's attacks.
~ 7: Blind Fury
Despite the mission title and description, the stage is only dimmly lit and not completely dark. This is similar to the previous mission in that it's a 3-on-1 fight, and it's just as easy.
~ 8: The Runaway Express
This mission is a little annoying, but not too difficult. You have to fight three Foot Ninja, and the only way to KO them is to knock them off the train; they cannot be damaged otherwise. The easiest way to clear this mission is to stay on the left side, and when the Foot Ninja approach you, throw them off.
~ 9: The Great Pizza Search
As Michelangelo, you have to fight your three brothers; defeating one of them will yield a crate with a pizza inside. Once you pick up a pizza, you'll clear the mission. Be aware that any remaining opponents can grab a pizza as well.
~ 10: Wall to Wall
This is extremely easy. You have to fight a Foot Ninja, but he can only be hurt by Wall Jump attacks. One will take him out.

After clearing the first ten missions, you will unlock a new stage: Enemy Base. This is the stage that you fight in at the end of the Arcade Mode.

Continued in the next video.

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