How to fix minecraft loading problem -  

How to fix minecraft loading problem

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How to fix minecraft loading problem

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This was for a much older version of minecraft, this issue no longer occurs and there was even a repair button put into the launcher by mojang to help with this issue when it was around, I made this as at the time modding/texture packs were new to minecraft and they could cause some issues when switching between them without clean installs.

This is for windows vista and windows 7 but should work on xp, just do the same thing.
Although for windows xp i think you need to put %appdata not just appdata, not completely sure though, someone please confirm whether this is true.

Ever gone yelling at minecraft because it won't load?
Well in this video I'll show you why minecraft isn't loading, and how you can fix it.
This video is to help people and to get them to leave Notch aloone, he has enough to deal with and doesn't have time to deal with trivial things such as this, although it took me about 2 hours to figure it out my self...

If you're problem is an outdated launcher, use this link to download the updated one:

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